Welcome to casd school armenia.

In August fly away a colorful kite!!!

Play in the park and


too much fun at CASD SCHOOL!

You Know what???

It is easy to be happy...

Just be what you really are, and never ever give up, because happiness is the easiest subject in your whole life, so wake up, face a smile and say I love myself the way I was  born and  nothing else matters!


This is CASD school, so let´s watch and share our introductory video.

This is casd school.

Casd school.

Casd school, es el proyecto de inmersión en la lengua inglesa de la institución educativa CASD de Armenia. Su planta física es la sede Amparo Santa Cruz y atiende aproximadamente a 300 niños y niñas de toda la ciudad. Actualmente dos grupos de  preescolar,dos de grado primero y dos de grado segundo son los directamente beneficiados con el proyecto y se prevee que en años siguientes se pueda cubrir toda la básica primaria. En el proyecto CASD SCHOOL, los niños cuentan con facilidades educativas tales como libros, equipos de computo, grabadoras  y televisores gestionados desde la rectoría para un mejor aprendizaje de los procesos linguisticos.



The CASD is an educational institution founded and located in Armenia Q, which promotes equality and respect for differences, offers all levels and stages of education for children,youth and adults, making them competent to assertively link themselves into the workplace and/or academia.

Its infrastructure, physical resources and human talent are more than suitable to ensure the provision of high quality educational services and social relevance.


By 2016, the CASD will be a recognize educational institution that promotes the integral development of the person ans environmental conservation through educational processes that incorporate ICT, bilingualism and social responsability. The specialities offered in academic and technical education are articulated to higher educational programs that ensure that graduates are more than competent and committed to the demands of today´s world.


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